The EdgeProp Singapore excellence Awards set out to recognise the best property players in Singapore.

This exercise is carried out in the belief that the quantitative attributes of a developer alone is not sufficient to earn it the title of an outstanding player.

In the Singapore context where government authorities demand financial prudence and construction quality from developers, consumers can be assured of housing standards. This has cultivated the culture of responsible developing. Beyond the rules and guidelines, the need for quality and innovation is increasing. 



Open to all residential and commercial property, we would love to recognise the industry's achievements across these categories:

  • Development Innovation

    Real estate development requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The Development Innovation Award consolidates the finest of individual fields and more, with the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It is a recognition of developments that pushes the envelope to succeed in a variety of areas such as recreational services, community health initiatives, sustainability, construction productivity, safety advancements, energy efficiency, green initiatives and many others.

  • Landscape Excellence

    The Landscape Excellence Award identifies development projects that take a stance to manifest greenery in their architecture, bridging communities and preservation in Singapore’s urban landscape. Landscaping has gained popularity in recent years as developments adorn landscaping space to boost community enrichment through interaction and bonding. Therefore, this award measures the quality of a healthier and better sustainable future.

  • Property Development Excellence

     Nominees will consist of completed top quality projects that cultivate and develop sustainable communities that reflect both corporate and social responsibilities. This award recognises Singapore’s top developments that reflect good value, as reflected in strong sales and stable rental. Factors of consideration will include successful infusion of innovative architecture, quality construction, eco-friendliness and value-added benefits to their customers.


  • Marketing Excellence

    Beyond tangible offerings of brick and mortar, we recognise developers who have effectively applied the fundamentals of marketing to excel in today's market. In the buyers' market such as today, real estate marketers debate over the pricing strategies, value-added product-offerings like concierge, promotional schemes to defray upfront investment, and extending further to reach investors beyond borders.


A non-submission category.

Creating  consistency and value through their outstanding projects, The Edge Property’s Top Property Developer Award sets out to recognise Singapore’s state of the art developers that demonstrate excellent skills and experience across the property market in Singapore. Despite a challenging and competitive environment, developers who continue to remain resilient in their drive to create better will be poised to become the top property player in Singapore.


The Edge Property’s Value Creation Award places developments on a higher pedestal, be it creating value above and beyond initial purchase price or conveying huge cost savings through injection of new elements that support the environment and elevate the standard of living, hence benefiting communities.



A list of the top property developers and the winners of various categories will be published in The Edge Property Singapore and online at All award winners may make reference to their ranking in the awards in their advertisements.